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"I must not forget, I thought, that I have been happy, that I am being happier than one can be. But I forget. I’ve always forgotten."

—Clarice Lispector, Near to the Wild Heart


Life As A Ghost - S[k]in Deep (x)

It might seem a little silly, but Kurosaki Ichigo is truly an inspirational figure for me. No matter how many times he gets beaten down, he always stands up 10 times more powerful then he was before. He reminds me that no matter how hard the challenge, anything can be overcome through will and determination. 

This is the LAST thing I wanna see in tall grass, let alone a doorway.


→ Warped Tour blog! 

sick photo from warped this year. stoked.


In the weeks leading up to leaving you, I would drive around after work and take the corners too sharply, run every red light I came to, and alternate between turning the heat all the way up and rolling down the windows because I couldn’t breathe. And on these rides, I would fiddle with the radio…

if I was yours
I wouldn’t ever let go
id sell my soul and dreams to hold it
cause there’s no price for love
and if there is ill never know it


April 14, 2013 at 06:57AM

wifey material

a boy without a voice

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